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Care Tips for Your Cacti

by Vilma Graller 07/29/2020

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay

While cacti are certainly meant to survive without a lot of fuss (or muss, for that matter), that doesn't mean you can forget about them altogether. Like any plant, they need to have an environment similar to what their native habitat looks like, which will ultimately depend on the breed of cactus you buy. If you want to keep your garden in tip-top condition, keep the following tips in mind.

More Than Sun 

To really thrive, a cactus will need more than a good light source. Living in the Southwest, there's little doubt that you can find a place in your yard with serious sun exposure, though you should always aim for a south-facing spot whenever possible.

Look for at least some shade coverage too in order to avoid having your plants turn yellow. Look up the variety of your cactus to determine exactly how much sun you need. Cacti will also need excellent ventilation to ensure that they can survive during the worst of the summer months. Cacti depend on nighttime air to metabolize the nutrients from the soil and the air, so it helps not to overcrowd them.

Nutrients & Water

You're aiming for drainage when it comes to compost material and soil. A high-drainage compost will have a bit of added sand that will make it easier to pull the water away from the cactus, giving it enough to nurture it but not enough to drown it. There's no need to obsess over the best type of fertilizer though, as anything that is low in nitrogen will typically do the job. Different types of cactus will need different levels of water and sun, so don't make assumptions until you've done your homework.

If you can harvest rainwater throughout the year, either in barrels or through irrigation, this is the possible choice. Tap water will leave mineral deposits on the leaves of the cacti and can disrupt the natural flow of nutrients to the plant. Aim for watering at least once a week and make sure to give the compost time to dry between watering sessions.

Additional Tips

If your cacti originated in the desert, you don't really have to worry about watering them during the cooler months. However, if your cactus flower in the wintertime, then you may want to water every few weeks or so, or monitor the amount of rain your plants are getting.

There are also plenty of cactus feed varieties that you can buy for your plants, but if you're using good compost, then you may not need the feed. Finally, repotting your cactus should happen in the springtime after the cactus has been watered. Make sure that the potting mix you use is packed down and don't water the plant for a few days to avoid rotting.

The right kinds of cacti can really brighten up your yard, and most are low-maintenance enough that homeowners won't have to worry how they're faring when the temperatures shoot up. Just make sure you're keeping an eye on them throughout the year.

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